Why Chose To Do An Intimate Wedding Ceremony?

Why chose to do an intimate wedding ceremony?
With all that has been going on the past few months we have seen large weddings canceled due to concerns over the pandemic.  State and Federal guidelines first stated that there could be no events for more than 10 people and that is still the case for some communities across the globe.  At the time of the writing of this article, the state of Florida has entered the second stage of reopening and is open for indoor weddings of up to 50 people and outdoor weddings of over 150 people.  Even though the guidelines are opening up to larger weddings, there are some great advantages in having a smaller, more intimate wedding.
First, with a smaller number of guests you can save a boat-load of cash.  The national average for a wedding last year was almost $24,000 with just more than a hundred guests.  Imagine that!  It is your wedding and just as you are beginning your life together you are burdened with the price of a wedding that could keep you from getting your first home together, paying off student debt, or replacing the car that you had through college.  Penny Wise couples are choosing more often to have smaller weddings, to keep the cost down and use that money to invest in their long term goals.

Secondly, couples want their ceremony to have more of an intimate feel.  We’ve all had that time where our spouse had to introduce us to their friends or family members.  Your wedding is the not place for that.  Invite those who are special to you.  Having close family and friends around you will help to make your ceremony feel more intimate and relaxed.  The wedding day is such a whirlwind you don’t need to stress of being surrounded by people you don’t know.

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Intimate Weddings of Orlando

Another great idea for an intimate wedding is to keep the guest count low, but really make it special for each person.  Personalized favors at each place setting, photos of you with that person as seating assignments, etc..  When you have an intimate wedding you can really splurge on decorations, your bouquet, the meal, and other things, but still keep the cost under control.  If your guests are traveling from out of town, you can leave them a welcome basket at their hotel, or invite them to come to a welcome party as well.  That personal touch for your intimate wedding will be long remembered.

Intiamate Weddings of Orlando

In light of what we have all gone through, there will still be some family and friends that don’t feel comfortable coming to a larger wedding for the foreseeable future.  An intimate wedding allows you to still have those that are most important to you, with you on your wedding day.  If they can’t be there physically, then have someone use Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook live to stream your wedding to those who either could not be there for health concerns or travel restrictions.
The time for booking your intimate wedding is now!  Many venues have reopened and are trying to offer deals on their ceremony space.  This is your time to be penny wise, save a few bucks, and make your wedding day something beautiful.

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