High Above the Earth

High Above the Earth
Even though Markus and Emily had been together for several years, they still wanted an intimate wedding ceremony high above the earth.  The couple contacted Intimate Weddings of Orlando and Victoria got to work on helping them book their package and vendors.
What better place to be married than in Characters in Flight.  High above the earth and Walt Disney World the balloon allows for views of  all four Disney Parks, Universal Studios, and Sea World.
When the groom and the guests arrived at Disney Springs the guests were under the impression that Markus was going to propose to Emily.  Then when Emily arrived Markus dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.  What the guests didn’t know is that they were about to get married high above the earth.
After the couple and their guests celebrated the proposal, Rev. Glynn Ferguson, the owner of Sensational Ceremonies and an official Walt Disney World Wedding Officiant walked up and told the guests “This is going to be the shortest engagement you have ever seen.  Markus and Emily are about to be married in the balloon 400 feet above Disney Springs.”
Edmund Rhodes with Rhodes Studios was there to capture both the proposal and the shock on the guest’s faces when they learned that they were really there for a wedding high above the earth.  Edmund escorted the guests to the gondola of the balloon and then followed  Markus, Emily, and Rev. Ferguson as they entered under the balloon.
Flowers by Lesley created a beautiful bouquet and boutonniere for this wedding high above the earth.  With large white roses, and plenty of greenery it matched the bride’s floral crown perfectly.
For their ceremony high above the earth, the couple chose a beautiful civil ceremony and Rev. Ferguson gave them a homework assignment.  He asked them to write and tell him why they love each other.
Emily wrote:  His ability to find positivity in any situation and keep everyone around him laughing.  How his smile lights up the room and makes me forget why I was mad.  His passion to follow his dreams fueled by his desire to provide for his family.  I love that he is a God fearing man using his faith to navigate life and guide him as an amazing father & partner.  How he takes care of his body physically, mentally and spiritually.  I trust him with every aspect of my life and he really does know me better than I know myself (especially when I forget). And finally, I love how good looking he is and that he finally agreed to be mine forever 😉
Markus wrote:  I love Emily because she’s reliable, I can always count on her in a pinch. I love her dedication to moving forward, setting and reaching goals. She has acquired her beauty license, esthetician license and her nursing degree. Yet she’s still thinking about her next move. I love how much time and care she puts into everything. When Emily does something, it feels special, more importantly it makes you feel special. I love how big Emily’s heart is. She gives so much then gives some more. She always gives me the last bite when she’s stealing my food! Seriously, she loves to serve others. From her serving jobs in high school to her nursing career in hospice. Emily has shown how selfless and how big her heart is. Finally my last reason why I love Emily. I love her and want to marry her because she is a woman that prays and seeks God.
What a wonderful wedding high above the earth.