Suzanne and Scott

Suzanne and Scott

Amidst the enchanting world of Orlando, Suzanne and Scott, a couple from Nova Scotia, embarked on a journey to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary with a heartfelt vow renewal. Guided by the expertise of Intimate Weddings of Orlando, Connie meticulously crafted a private and beautiful ceremony, attended by their two beloved children.

A Picture-Perfect Setting for a Love Reaffirmed

Suzanne and Scott, drawn to the picturesque beauty of Celebration, Florida, chose Savannah Square as the ideal backdrop for their vow renewal. With its elegant esplanade lined with crêpe myrtle trees, the square provided a romantic ambiance that perfectly complemented their special day.

Flowers that Symbolized Enduring Love

Flowers By Lesley, with their artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail, created a stunning bouquet and boutonniere for the couple. The vibrant mauve-colored roses with pomegranate tips perfectly reflected the enduring love and passion that had blossomed between Suzanne and Scott over the years.

Capturing Precious Moments with Expertise

Edmund with Rhodes Studios, possessing an exceptional eye for capturing fleeting moments, began photographing Suzanne and Scott as they arrived at the park. From intimate ceremony shots to formal family portraits, Edmund skillfully captured the essence of their love and commitment.

A Ceremony Tailored to Their Hearts

Rev. Glynn Ferguson, the owner of Sensational Ceremonies and an official Walt Disney World Wedding Officiant, worked closely with Suzanne and Scott to craft a personalized ceremony that resonated with their unique love story. The heartfelt ceremony included a touching tribute to their children, who played an integral role in the renewal.

Expressing Love through Words

Rev. Ferguson, with a desire to delve deeper into the couple’s love, assigned them a heartwarming task: to write and express their love for each other. Suzanne, with a heart full of appreciation, penned her admiration for Scott’s unwavering love, sacrifices, and unwavering support. She acknowledged his kindness, selflessness, and ability to make her feel cherished.

Scott, in turn, confessed his love for Suzanne, describing how it had grown stronger over time. He praised her beauty, her role as the voice of reason, and her unwavering dedication to their family. He recognized her as the reason for his happiness and success.

A Celebration of Love and Commitment

Suzanne and Scott’s vow renewal was a testament to their enduring love, unwavering commitment, and the strength of their family bond. The picturesque setting, the heartfelt ceremony, and the presence of their cherished children created an unforgettable experience that will forever be etched in their hearts.