Lara and Garrett

Lara and Garrett

Lara and Garrett travel from Oregon for a wonderful holiday in Orlando. The couple decided that while on their trip they would elope and so they contacted Intimate Weddings of Orlando and immediately chose a magically elopement package.

There in front of Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios islands of adventure, the couple took their vows, exchange, wedding rings, made the unbreakable vow, and became husband and wife.

Pastor Juan Auffant, an Orlando wedding officiant with Sensational Ceremonies, worked with Kara and Garrett to create A Beautiful Ceremony that fit the two of them perfectly. Juan had a couple right and tell him why they loved each other.
Kara wrote: Why I love GARRETT – The most beautiful chapter of my life written by God is when he sent Garrett in my life. I never knew love could be so good. I thank God every day for him. I have never felt so loved, so cared for and so cherished by someone. I love him because he makes me feel special every single day. His hug is my serenity, my safe place, my home. Garrett encouraged me to he the woman that God created me to be. I have so much respect for him. I will follow and support him wherever God calls him to go. I love him will all my heart.

Garrett wrote: Honestly there are so many reasons I love LARA. We started out as work acquaintances and progressed from there. Our story has never been an easy one to follow and has played out like a brothers Grimm tale at times as a oppose to a fairytale, but I think all the hardships have made me fall more in love with her. Since I met her I knew she was special and could never stop thinking about her.

I love that we have always pushed each other to be better and fought for each other against so many obstacles that came to push us apart. I honestly can’t picture a life without her and our daughters though.

Flowers By Lesley created beautiful custom bouquets and boutonnieres for the bride and groom. Kara and Garrett wanted their florals to reflect their houses In Hogwarts. Kara bouquet was yellow roses, wrapped with black and silver to represents Hufflepuff, Garrett wore a pocket square made of tiny, yellow and dark red roses to represent Gryffindor.

Edmond with Rhodes Studios photo and video made sure to capture every moment of the couples wedding day. From the first look while Garrett was waiting on his bride, through the ceremony, and then to formal fun portraits all over universal. Rhodes captured the entire day and brought the magic .

We were so honored to help them with their magically elopement. We wish them more love than any potion give them.